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Improved, wooden Natural Slim nail files

A revolution in the world of professional disposable nail files! From now on, you can throw away dozens of used nail files every week, without thinking that these products will stay to pollute our planet for the next three hundred years.

Slim NATURAL nail files by Nail4u Poland are tools made on a wooden and not a plastic base, separately packaged in paper, and not plastic, packaging!

We have created an environmentally-friendly nail file, while keeping to the high quality characterising all our products. A further advantage is the fact that despite using natural materials, we have managed to maintain a product price that fits the Professionals. Thanks to switching to Japanese paper, the Natural Slip line nail files have acquired new, better abrasive capabilities. High quality means quicker and more pleasant work. And the retention of the wooden base makes Natural nail files environmentally-friendly (over 990.000000e+0ss plastic than in a traditional nail file).

Key properties

  • Product is thinner than a classic nail file
  • Wood base
  • Every nail file is packed separately in a paper packaging
  • Safe edges
  • Rigid, resistant to breaking
  • Recommended as disposable products
  • Not recommended for gel or tougher cosmetic masses
  • Attractively priced
  • Available shapes: halfmoon, straight (starting 2002)
  • Grades available: 100/180; 180/240

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