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Our products' properties



The core is made of tough and flexible PVC. Korean-type abrasive layer - high-quality corundum with added PU. Safe, very well-cut edges. Everything made with highest precision, assurance of top product sharpness and resistance.



We believe that it is worth it to surround yourself with beauty on all sides. Do you use top-quality fingernail varnish? Do you spend hours searching for colours and browse inspirations? If so, then our products are just the right thing for you. After all, accessories can be unique as well!



The comfort and safety of our Customers are our priorities. Every nail file is put in a film package after manufacture. We attach a stylish reusable box for your purse or dressing-table to the Premium series.



If you choose our products, you are guaranteed complete satisfaction. Unique product quality, perfect design, durability and shape will make the manicure and pedicure become an even greater pleasure. Create top quality fingernails. Build an ideal nail for further treatments. Get to know Nail4U files, rise to a new level of satisfaction.

Our offer

Basic and Natural Slim nail files together with the Smart block and the Candy buffer, professional Nail4U manicure and pedicure products, the production of which uses an innovative paper and wood fusion technology. Top quality - our brand's hallmark - allowed Nail4u files to take the Polish professional styling product market by storm. Check out what we can offer you. Get to know Nail4U, get to know the image of true quality.
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About us

Who are we?

Every professional manicurist and pedicurist requires top quality products for their work in order to be successful. We are born out of this need - Nail4U - a brand which, cooperating with specialists, created a range of finger nail treatment products. Our products are professional tools, created with professionals and with the environment in mind. Check them out and see for yourself how we are changing the image of manicure and pedicure in Poland!
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Stay up to date on the current news from the fingernail world - trust the recommendations of specialists, check any news that Nail4U can offer you - we share our professionalism with you!